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After a brief week off at the beggining of the month, the Fuzzy Logic Monday Club night will be back with some more bands performing with DJ sets from DJ Thrift Store and Joe.

Band Watch-
Koss Remp studio session postponed after ceiling collapse drama. The band were due to get in the studio, but has since been cancelledand the band may now split. We are all deeply shocked.

If I were President- Have been rehearsing and writing songs for a new record, due in the summer. Pat has said 'Its emo with a hard edge'.

New band The Brookwood Fow have formed. The band include Joe Isherwood on guitar and vocals and Katy Brooks on Percussion, vocal and tin whistle. The band have been said to be using the collective surname Brookwood. The band are to embark on a small busking tour of London next month and then you can catch them at Monday Club in a the near future.

Louie and Joe are hard at work with the The band with no names new record. Joe has said that there are new songs being written and one song has been finnished. Previously Drug problems had been rife in the band and had caused the severed relationship with guitarist Oli, now that the problems have been cleared, we will hear from them very soon.

Cigarette Edwards will release his new album in may via Monday club records. It is an experimental breakbeat project.

Iron Clad, Jamies new metal side project band are to start rehearsals soon and Jamie will also be working with Tim on an amen style project for this spring.

Beep Sanchez have a new vocalist in the shape of Alice Hamilton a local girl. The band will begin rehearsals soon for the 'Shave your chest' tour coming in spring.
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