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Hey another week

Hey monday clubbers a few small anouncements. This week sees an indie night at the pane and table for yet another Fuzzy Logic (Monday Club). With DJ sets from dj Thriftstore and Joe. I don't actually have a clue who is playing as Thrifty (or lee) booked them all. So come along £1 with a flyer and cheap booze til 2am. With a late night Reggae dj set from louie. So come and smoke a chillum for that set.

In other news, monday club are currently trying to sign fell before finnished for one album. The club wanna record the album and then distribute it to independant record stores around england. SO FBF if your reading, sign on the line.

A new video of Louie Johnsons band 'Figures of my discontent' of purely visual material to a pedal note. Louie says that its just an idea but it may not see the light of day til 2005, so bummer for all FOMD fans!

New punk band The dead cows are currently in talks with monday club about recording an album of 60 30 second songs. The project may never see the light of day.

The Brookwood fow are going into rehearsals soon for their new ep which should be out by spring. The Ep has yet to be named but my bet is on 'The Brookwood Fow explore' other wise 'The rubber chicken ep' or maybe 'Fish and chips by the sea'.

The monday club are thinking about buying a warehouse as well to hold gigs in.

Arsenic and Old lace may do a one off night at a monday club. The night is said to be very arty and sterile. Its gonna be a great night out for any people that can't let go of the late 1970's and the tudor period. Joe is planning to mix up drum and bass, reggae, hip hop, electro, rock, disco, punk. Its going to be mad.

The monday club could be making a short film in the summer called 'Welcome to our club'. It contains footage of gary beatings, monday clubs hilarious parties (at the last one neil climbed into the loft, dan got really pissed and danced to music topless in mikes room and then played with sausages. It will also contain a lot of footage of dan drunk, bands playing, lee trying to be serious, louie's one night stands, gary's obsession with Tops pizza, top trumps, terry wogan impersonations, college, motorbike stunts, pubs, the aboycalledhero tour movie, mcdonalds and much more. And oh yeah lee's alice's crystal ball.
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